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Why volunteer while unemployed?

Volunteering while unemployedPeople who are in receipt of payments such as Jobseeker Support Social can volunteer for as long and as frequently as they wish without affecting any of their social welfare payments. However, if you are in receipt of payments from the Department of Social Protection due to being unemployed or disabled, there are certain criteria, which apply to you. We have compiled this information here for you. Please take care to read this fully. If you need further assistance contact us by e-mail, phone, fax or just call in, we will be happy to help you.

Volunteering to Explore Career Possibilities

Volunteering to explore a new career
Are you looking to start a career or to change jobs?

Volunteering is a marvellous way to explore possible career options.

Ten Tips for a wise volunteering choice

Ten tips1. Research the causes or issues important to you.
Look for a group that deals with issues about which you feel strongly. You might already be giving money to one of these organisations, and that might be a good place to begin your volunteer experience. If you can\'t find such an organisation, here\'s a challenging and intriguing thought: why not start one yourself? You can rally your neighbors to clean up that vacant lot on the corner, patrol the neighborhood, paint an elderly neighbor?s house, take turns keeping an eye on the ailing person down the street, or form a group to advocate for a remedy to that dangerous intersection in your neighborhood. There is no end to the creative avenues for volunteering, just as there is no end to the need for volunteers.