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Key Issues for Boards: Tue Oct 16th, 10am-11am


This webinar alerts/reminds board members of the key governance issues they need to understand and address in order to provide good governance for their organisation. Practical considerations include: understanding your Constitution, complying with relevant legal requirements, demonstrating transparance and accountability, running effective board meetings and working in the best interests of the organisation.


  • A clearer understanding of what good governance means
  • Understand collective and individual board responsibilities
  • Ensure good practice for your board
  • Identify issues or gaps for your own board to address

Target Audience:

Board members of nonprofit organisations.


Derek O’Reilly is Training Manager with the Carmichael Centre. He coordinates and delivers Carmichael Centre's training and development programmes, customised training and consultancy services for boards and managers. Derek has many years’ experience of governance, management and quality assurance of community organisations in Ireland, Africa and Eastern Europe. He has developed and delivered training programmes on behalf of statutory bodies as well as a wide range of nonprofits around the country. He is currently a member of the Governance Code Communications Committee.