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Louth Volunteer Centre can deliver a range of bespoke and modular training to Volunteering Involving organisations (VIO's) on a range of volunteer management related issues.

We have a number of training programmes upcoming in late 2018, details of which can be found below…

Volunteer Leadership Training:

The term "volunteer leadership" is familiar to all of us working in organisations involving volunteers, but actually defining it, or describing what it looks like, may not be so easy. Our Volunteer Leadership Training is designed to cover the steps you would take when involving volunteers.

Research consistently shows that the way volunteers are managed and supported is crucially important. Volunteers who are well supported from the start are:

  • More likely to be satisfied in their volunteering role(s)
  • Likely to stay and make a difference in your organisation
  • Be advocates for volunteering to others

Our Volunteer Leadership Training programme takes place in half day sessions throughout the year, with each session covering a full module. Read more about Volunteer Leadership Training and dates here.