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SOSAD Ireland

Simon Moroney was lost to suicide in May 2003. Even though Simon had been suffering from depression, or bi-polar disorder, since the end of 2001, the family were still completely shocked that Simon took his own life.

They discovered at the time that the support and aid for people in our situation was severely lacking. So they decided to take action. 

Research indicated, and still does, that there is a huge amount of people dying by suicide in Ireland every year. Even worse is that the actual statistics may well be underestimated due to the amount of undetermined deaths recorded every year. There are suggestions and evidence (Irish Water Safety) that these are actually suicides.  

Peter Moroney, with the help of his sons, Wayne and Lee, and his wife Valerie took on with helping the fight against suicide. They decided on SOSAD, a new charity aimed at increasing awareness of suicide in Ireland, as well as getting rid of the stigma attached to it. 

how to Get Involved?

At SOSAD Ireland they are always looking for the support of the people in the communities in which we work. This support can come in many forms and they would be grateful for your time and commitment to this important cause.


There are a variety of important volunteer roles in all of SOSAD's branches. They are in constant need of administrative support, assessors, counsellors and suicide intervention officers. These people are the front line and back office team that come together to help keep people alive and safe on a daily basis. 
If you would like to know more about these roles please search SOSAD under our opportunity search. If you would like to offer your time to SOSAD Ireland please contact us.