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Olive + Brendan
I like to make the world a better place for others.
I wanted to intergrate myself to the community, start to know better new people and new cultures. I found more than what I've expected.
As a retired person, I have a bit of time on my hands and I wanted to help in any way to give my time and help so the volnteering helped me find some + activites to keep my busy
I want to be more involved + give something back to the community. I enjoy learning new skills + meeting new people
I wanted to try another line of work and to help
I enjoy working with people
I enjoy the peace at Calvary Omeath.
It allows me to develop new skills and helps me to learn to give back in a heartly way feeling good in myself for the charity am giving.
I like to feel useful & be a part of community activity.
I love it & volunteers are the best people you will meet.
I like to meet new people + experience new situations.
I believe I have something to give.
I recieve education with my experiences.
It is in the giving that I recieve
I wanted to bulk up my CV for employers and I'm also intersted in the area of mental health
1) I care about other people and the community.
2) I can help to make a difference in peoples lives.
3) I get enormous satisfaction of being able to give something back in gratitude.
A great sense of satisfaction. Motivated by all the people who say "Thank You"
I love to give back to the community in a positive way
I love seeing the young people learn + have fun + smile
I want to give a little back into the community. I enjoy working with the elserly and find it very rewarding. The first aid training is very interesting and gives my brain a bit of a workout
Very happy to work with the lovely crew at Louth Volunteer Centre. It has opened up new challenges for me and my contribution is always appreciated.
Volunteering led me to a career change, connected me with people i would have never have met in my day to day life and led me to see the good that is in local communities.
Volunteering helped me feel part of the community after moving here. Made friends and felt less lonely and isolated.
Volunteers are a major factor in our community, a phone call, a drop into an older person can be the difference between a lonely day and a brighter one
I've just recently started volunteering as a meals on wheels driver. I thoroughly enjoy it and look forward to other opportunities as a volunteer.
I am a recovering alcoholic. I am sober eleven years Thank God. I volunteered in a drop in cafe in Sligo for alcoholics in recovery. I just want to give something back and pass on my life experiences.
Absolutely love being a volunteer in Cara Cancer Support Centre. I get more back than I put in.
Ming Li
I am an international student at DKIT, so I got a chance to register in Louth Volunteer Centre, then lots of chances to give a hand. For example, at Dundalk 10K, Park Run, Order Of Malta etc. Amazing experience.
Volunteering with the Red Cross has been a great experience. I have gained some very useful skills in First Aid. Everyone should try it.
I started volunteering four and a half years ago. It has been an amazing experience, learning new skills, meeting new people, keeping socially active, giving back to the community, working with a wonderful team, the rewards are countless.
Great challenge, enjoyable, looks good on C,V.
Being a volunteer has really improved my skills in interacting with people and engaging in the community. I am very happy
I volunteered in Dublin for 6 years with the Gaa before moving to Dundalk. The Volunteer centre has helped me feel like part of the community by volunteering with local organisations.
Volunteering this year has given me a different and positive perspective. It has given me the opportunity to contribute positively to my community and to meet some many unsung heroes and organisations like SOSAD who are really making a difference in the community.
Volunteering has really helped me in meeting people and learning different skills in interacting and communicating with them"
Volunteering was a great social outlet for me. It was very enjoyable and gave me a reason to get out of the house during the week. It really built my confidence and got me job ready. It was great crack and I was sorry to have to give it up when I got a full time job. I really enjoyed giving back to an organisation that helped me out in the past.
I love helping at events as they are usually great fun and there is a sense of community among the group of volunteers. It gives me a purpose and a sense that I am helping the enjoyment of people going to events.
Volunteering has enhanced my graphic design skills in Adobe Photoshop. It has also allowed me to work in an environment which is both friendly and relaxed. Volunteering has allowed me be apart of a team and to meet many different people.
"I found it very difficult to meet people at first and was staying in the house all the time. Volunteering built my confidence and made me very happy, Coming back home after volunteering I was very happy. It improved my self confidence. My children were very happy that I was going out and meeting people. It improved my knowledge of life in Ireland. It also improved my chances of gaining employment as employers could see I was prepared to go out and work. It looks very good on my C.V. My last volunteering position was with The Soup Kitchen in Drogheda. I met so many people who were homeless. It was so good to talk with them and know I was helping."
Volunteer work has helped me integrate into a new community and learn new skill along the way. The pleasure it gives me keeps me going back after nearly a year. I enjoy spending time with senior citizens and hearing about the changes they have witnessed in their life time. Will do it for as long as I can Thank You Louth Volunteer Centre for the introduction.
4 Months in the greatest remark I can make is I wish I had become active in attempting to alleviate the struggles of others sooner as their is no greater fulfillment than that of the gift of generosity.
It's giving me the opportunity to give something back to the community, understand better the community and society better as well as improve my confidence and self esteem.
Service to others is the good way to get reward from God.
Volunteering gives me the experience I may need when applying for paid employment
Volunteering has made me feel I am contributing to new ventures and the community as a whole while also connecting with other people I would not have met otherwise.
I feel that doing charity work gives me confidence to meet new people and a new challenge in my life to help others in need.
Shay Durnin
Just a few words on Volunteering as a volunteer I must recommend Volunteering to one and all. A lot of people think volunteers work for nothing , well that's not true . We get paid in many ways we get new experiences we meet new challenges new people and pride in being part of the Louth Volunteering Family. Join our family this is your time to excel . Call or phone Louth Volunteering Centre today chat to the team and be part of our family . Chat to you soon.
I love to do volunteer job.
Volunteering will make you feel better it will make you feel you are needed to help others in your community.
You may learn new skills or new hobbies by volunteering . As a volunteer you are part of the volunteering family come join our family we need you .
Louth Volunteer Centre provides excellent service to the community. I have benefited from their service. Volunteering is a key way to sustainable development. It is all about giving and sharing.
Volunteering is the best decision I have ever made. I am so much happier and having loads of fun!
Volunteering with Louth Volunteer Centre is one of the best ideas I've ever had. Everyone helps and encourages you all the time.
Volunteering with the louth volunteer centre has been a great way to learn more about the incredible work, that fellow volunteers are doing every day. It is a wonderful way to stay connected to social justice issues and learn about cutting-edge social and environmental activism and to help Volunteers amplify the work done by change makers all over the globe.