TY Competition

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Transition Year students across Louth are invited to share their stories of volunteering or volunteers in the community.

The story should outline:

  • What the volunteer does

  • Why the person started volunteering

  • What is the impact of volunteering on the individual (how volunteering makes them feel – mentally/physically/socially)

  • What might the benefits be to others who might try this type of volunteering

  • How does this volunteer role effect the local community?

Competition objective: To promote volunteering and the benefits of volunteering to both the individual volunteer and the wider community

Entries can be submitted in video or written format. Written entries should include photos.

Entries can be submitted by individuals or groups. Entry form at volunteerlouth.ie/volunteers/tycomp.

A representative from Louth Volunteer Centre will attend the school and hold a workshop with the students about volunteering and preparing an entry if requested.

Deadline for entry is Novenber 17th 2017. Entries will be judged by independent judges on or before November 27th and winners will be notified on that date.


  • Decide if you will work on an individual or group project. Students are welcome to enter the competition as many times as they like.

  • Students can submit through individual and/or group entries covering different types of volunteering and volunteering experiences.

  • Research your volunteer/volunteer role so you have a good understanding of the impacts that you will cover in your entry. Try not to cover too many topics in one entry. You can always explore different ideas in separate entries.

  • Think outside the box – include messaging that will appeal to young people. Show what you think young people will want or need to know about volunteering

  • The submission should reflect your vision of what volunteering means to your community.

  • Participants featured in the video /photograph must give written permission (or their parent/guardian if under 16) for the entry.

Judging criteria:

  1. Video/Case study meets the objectives of the competition

  2. Creativity/Originality of content

  3. Production: Audio/Visual quality (or) Photo composition and quality for written entries

  4. Overall presentation of entry and understanding of the subject

Note: Each entrant agrees to their entry being used in promotional material for Louth Volunteer Centre.