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Volunteer Leadership Training

unnamedWould you like to gain an in depth understanding of best practice in volunteer management?

If so, then our bespoke training could meet your training needs.

Participants can attend all four training sessions or select a session of your choice that suits your training needs. Particiants who attend all four training sessions will receive a certificate upon completion.

1. Involving Volunteers! Is your organisation a volunteer magnet? Steps to consider! 
Benefits to completing the first training session: 
Whether you are a small community and voluntary organisation run by volunteers or a large national organisation with multiple offices, the steps you take in involving volunteers are similar. Even if you have volunteers in place, this session is an opportunity to review work with volunteers and get useful information and tips along the way. 

2. Volunteer  Recruitment & Selection. They’re attracted – now what?
Benefits to completing the second training session:
The key is the volunteer is attracted to the work you do and what you have to offer. They want to get involved!
This session will take you through the steps to get them to recognise that you’re the organisation for them. Remember, first impressions are important. How you sell your organisation in terms of meeting the volunteers' needs is crucial.

3. Steps  for  success  in  leadership! Now you’ve got ‘em, how do you keep ‘em?
Benefits  to  completing  the  third  training  session:
Research consistently shows that the way volunteers are managed and supported is crucially important. Volunteers who are well supported from the start are more likely to be satisfied in their roles and therefore more likely to stay and make a difference in your organisation. 
This session will help you plan and deliver an effective volunteer leadership programme.

4. A policy we can all get behind! What to do & how to do it…..preventing issues arising!
Benefits to completing the fourth training session: VMT Participants October 2013Undoubtedly, the hardest part of volunteer leadership is dealing with problems that arise with volunteers.
This session involves looking at how you approach dealing with a problem and the steps you can take to devise a clear policy that will help you navigate through the situation. You’re going to see that policy doesn’t have to be complicated and wordy and even if you don’t think that right now, you’ll be policy mad by the end of this session! 

Please email Karen@volunteerlouth.ie to confirm your place at any of the training sessions.