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Louth Volunteer Centre can deliver a range range of bespoke and modular training to Volunteering Involving organisations (VIO's) on a range of volunteer management related issues.

Our Volunteer Leadership Training is designed to cover the steps you would take when involving volunteers.

Your local Volunteer Centre staff have been trained - accredited through QQI or Open College Network Northern Ireland (OCNNI) - to deliver the Volunteer Ireland Volunteer Leadership Training Programme, which has been revedeloped and updated in 2017. The programme consists of four modules delivered in a hands-on, participative style and is designed to provide you with a best practice volunteer leadership framework for involving volunteers in your organisation.

Module overiew:

   Module 1:  Planning for Volunteer Involvement
    Module 2:  Volunteer Engagement
    Module 3:  Day-to-day Management of Volunteers
    Module 4:  Dealing with Challenging situations and programme development

The training is offered at a low cost to participants. It is expected that participants will attend all four modules as they are designed as part of a continuum. 

The date and locaton of our training will be dependant on participants.and their location. This national training programme has recently been reviewed and updated and is based on real-work scenarios.

We would appreciate it if you could please click HERE and let us know which date and time suits best. Many thanks!

pic_training00We also offer consultancy on a range of topics including the Charities Act and Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charitable organisations.


For more information on our training and consultancy services, contact us on 041 980 9008